E4 Carolinas is the trade association for the Carolina energy companies and organizations, providing Members opportunities to increase their value and success. We promote the Carolinas Energy Economy, mindful of the Efficient use of our resources and conscious of our Environment – those are our “Four Es”.

Member dues are E4 Carolinas’ main source of operating revenue with program income, government and foundation grants and contracts providing the remainder. E4 Carolinas is supported by and works for its Members, which are from all energy sectors. Some are large and established and others are small, early stage companies. Some are directly engaged in the Carolina’s energy production and infrastructure industries while others provide valuable services and supplies. Regardless of their size or role, Members find opportunities to collaborate in increasing their value and success in our five focus areas; Workforce Development, Economic Development, Innovation & Capital, Communications & Networking, and Policy.

Explore our website to find the opportunities within our Task Forces, Working Groups, Networks, programs, and events to make you and your organization more valuable and successful. All were developed by Members for Members and are those thought to offer the greatest opportunities to increase Member value and success. Become a member. Become engaged. Become more valuable and successful.


Task Force Value Creation Opportunities
Workforce Development Assesses member workforce development needs, promotes student interest in and curriculum for energy industry jobs, facilitates skilled trades training and workplace learning, develops state of the art professionals through the Carolinas Energy HR Professionals Forum and oversees the operation of three leadership development programs; Emerging LeadersNuclear Energy Leaders and Executive Leaders, and the daylong Energy Boot Camp.
Economic Development Supports local and state energy-related economic development and business attraction, Identifies customer and supplier opportunities for members and maintains a directory of companies and organizations in the Carolina Energy Economy. The Task Force supports the Southeast Energy Innovation Collaborative, an initiative to establish recognition of the region as the nation’s energy innovation leaders and organizes member economic develop trips, such as the Houston Energy Excursion.
Innovation & Capital Promotes energy business commercialization and energy project development, and highlights Carolinas energy innovation success stories through the quarterly Energy Technology Series. It also produces the Charlotte or Triangle Blockchain Working Groups meeting odd months in Charlotte and even months in the Research Triangle. The Task Force produces the Carolina Energy Innovation and Capital Network’s quarterly conferences which explore issues of interest the the Carolina energy innovation and capital community.
Communications & Networking Promotes member speaker participation in dozens of Carolina energy conferences, publishes the E4 Carolinas Energy News Weekly, maintains the Carolinas Energy Communicators Network and organizes the E4 Carolinas website which includes a member directory and Carolinas energy events calendar.
Policy The Task Force produces the annual Federal/State Energy Policy Summit and periodic seminars to inform E4 Carolinas members of emerging federal and state policy issues. The Task Force annually organizes the Washington DC Fly-in where E4 Carolinas members and staff visit each Congressional or Senate office having an energy policy interest. in 2016 the Task Force published the Shared Perspectives white paper describing a broad stakeholders’ vision of of how North Carolina electric utilities would evolve. Task Force members on request inform federal and state policy makers and regulators on energy issues.