The Carolinas is believed to be the largest energy economy in the eastern United States and among the most diverse in the world. Many call The Carolinas: A New State of EnergyTM. With well over 1,000 companies and organizations with an energy interest, the Carolinas is recognized globally as a “one-stop shopping” energy industry destination. Companies, energy ministries and trade offices from the Pacific Rim, Asia, Africa, Europe and elsewhere in the Americas routinely visit the Carolinas to seek products and services for their energy development needs. The Carolinas leads in energy research, education, workforce development and companies. Associations routinely come to the Carolinas for their regional, national and global conferences and federal and state policy makers seek advice from the Carolinas energy leadership.

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North Carolina and South Carolina together uniquely and potently combine as the Carolinas energy economy, producing many national and global distinctions.

UNCC EPIC Energy Research Universities – More universities in the Carolinas are engaged in energy research than in any other one state. These universities are Appalachian State University, Clemson University, Duke University, North Carolina A&T University, North Carolina State University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, the University of South Carolina and Wake Forest University.
Resarch Energy Research Institutes – Four independent, globally recognized research institutes engaged in energy research operate in the Carolinas; the Electric Power Research Institute, RTI International, the Savannah River National Laboratory, and the Southern Research Institute.
YorkTechCollege Energy Trades TrainingNorth Carolinas Community Colleges and South Carolina Technical Colleges provide energy education and training to support the industry’s existing workers and provide a source of new skilled craft workers and technologists.
V C Summer Nuclear Energy – The Carolinas is home to the largest nuclear generating capacity in the U.S. and to the largest concentration of nuclear service companies in the world. A Clemson Study identified a Carolinas nuclear workforce exceeding 23,000 and producing $20 billion annually in value. The Nuclear Energy Institute identifies more than 140 Carolinas companies and organizations with a nuclear interest.
Siemans Advance Energy Manufacturing – The Carolinas is home to one of the largest concentrations of energy manufacturing companies in the world with products including turbines, batteries, solar components, switches, carbon alloys, high-voltage cable, nuclear valves, filters and concrete, smart grid components, lighting, building controls, power electronics, fuel cell components, safety equipment, wind components, smart meters, electric vehicle components and much more.
Solar Solar Energy – The Carolinas is the largest solar energy economy in the Eastern United States with more than a gigawatt of solar generating capacity. In 2014 North Carolina was 2nd nationally in new installed solar capacity. According to a study commissioned by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, more than 200 companies exist in the Carolinas’ solar value chain and employ nearly 8,000.
Clean Tech Clean Energy – Solar is just part of the Carolinas’ clean energy story. A 2015 North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association study identified 1,000 clean energy companies with 23,000 employees creating $7 billion in annual gross revenue. The building efficiency sector is the largest contributor.
Wind Wind EnergyClemson’s South Carolina Electric & Gas Energy Innovation Center in Charleston houses the world’s most-advanced wind-turbine drive train testing facility and is part of an emerging Carolinas wind energy industry supported by the Southeastern Wind Coalition. Iberdrola is building a 150 turbine 300 MW wind farm in North Carolina and in South Carolina BarberWind is introducing a new wind turbine design.
Battery Energy Storage – Charlotte is believed to be the global lithium battery capital, producing a majority of the world’s lithium battery, components, including companies such as Albamarle, Alevo, Celgard, Parker Hannifin, FMC Lithium, SGL Carbon and others.
Duke Energy Major Utilities – The Carolinas is home to Duke Energy, the largest power distribution company in the United States, as well as other significant utilities, including Dominion Resources, South Carolina Electric & Gas, Santee Cooper and Piedmont Natural Gas.


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