Join industry professionals for a quarterly seminar series produced by E4 Carolinas Innovation & Capitol Task Force. Each seminar will feature one Carolina energy company, encouraging attendees to learn about the nationally or globally impactful technologies they produce.


On March 18th, hear from Gary Rackliffe, ABB’s Vice President, Smart Grids North America, who will discuss how ABB is creating a smarter, more efficient and reliable grid, and capable of carrying more high-quality energy to more consumers than ever before.

The June 10th seminar will feature Dr. Glen Merfeld, Albemarle’s Chief Technology  Officer over Energy Storage. He is responsible for research and development in the area of energy storage and leads all Lithium technology efforts in the areas of both material and data science. Merfeld is a distinguished thought leader in the eld of energy materials and battery science, as well as a seasoned executive with over 20 years in advanced materials with General Electric.

On September 23rd, Sal DellaVilla, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SPS, will present about analytics and power generation reliability, including the impact Strategic Power Systems, Inc.® is making in the field.

Closing out this year’s Energy Technology Series on November 18th, features Ingersoll Rand. Leandre Adifon, the Vice President for Enterprise Systems
Engineering & Advanced Technology will tell the story of Ingersoll Rand’s
beginnings and where the company is heading. Leandre oversees programs
and portfolio management, systems engineering, and advanced technology.


Each seminar in the series will be held at:

UNC Charlotte- EPIC
9100 Robert D. Snyder Road
UNC Charlotte EPIC Conference Room #1229
Charlotte, NC 28262


Networking opportunities available after the event’s scheduled time of 4:30pm-5:30pm.
Dates and times subject to change.