Carolinas Energy Executive Leaders


E4 Carolinas’ Executive Energy Leaders (CEELS) program is for Carolina energy executives in a leadership role or E4 Carolinas’ Emerging Leaders or Leadership Energy Carolinas graduates. E4 Carolinas, with leadership development partner LeadAdvantage, guides members in mastering energy industry organizational leadership skills. Executive Energy graduates continue as members of the 350 Strong Carolina Leadership Energy Alumni Network.

Requirements – Applicants serve as an executive of an energy company or organization or are Emerging Leaders or Leadership Energy Carolinas graduates. Class size may be limited to a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 20 participants.

Cost – Employees of E4 Carolinas member companies pay $3,900/person/year. Others pay $4,900/person/year. Meeting travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of the participant.

The Executive Energy Leaders program is a unique business-relevant, engaging and high-energy leadership development process, producing leaders who add value to organizations. Participants will have direct and relevant experience with leadership challenges facing today’s energy organizations.

An Executive Energy Leader will:

  • Learn to promote effective collaboration, higher performance of work teams, greater trust and continued individual leadership development;
  • Explore avenues to effectively utilize individual strengths to achieve a common goals;
  • Learn from real industry critical issues and topics; and
  • Resolve energy industry issues by finding options and alternatives beyond “traditional boundaries”.

An Executive Energy Leader makes a difference by:

  • Unifying and improving decision-making;
  • Maximizing productive actions;
  • Strengthening communication behaviors;
  • Integrating tasks & people;
  • Fostering creative & strategic thinking; and
  • Prepares for leadership roles with increased complexity and responsibility.

A yearlong project and theme will be Transforming the Southeast Utility Business Model. Executive Energy Leaders teams will craft a design to satisfy future energy stakeholder needs which considers the region’s present and future energy requirements along with the interests of the region’s varied stakeholders and companies which now or will provide energy resources and services. Teams will meet or have conference calls between sessions and have “team project time” during sessions to work on their assigned policy area. Teams will present their energy policy at year end to a panel of energy industry chief executive officers.

Each meeting will generally follow the format below:

THU 10A – 3P LeadAdvantage
THU 3P – 4P The Executive Mind
THU 4P – 6P Team Project Time
THU 6P – 8P CEO Dinner
FRI 8A- 9:30A CEO Session #1
FRI 9:30A – 10:30A Travel
FRI 10:30A – Noon CEO Session #2
FRI Noon – 1:00P Travel
FRI 1:00P – 2:30P CEO Session #3 (w/Lunch)
FRI 2:30P Conclusion

February (Charlotte) – Theme: Bridging the Gap (One day kick-off program) In this session participants will take a look at past sessions and be encouraged to look beyond the boundaries of traditional explanations and methods to explore new and different ways of making decisions, taking risks with creative ideas, and proactively bringing the future to our companies versus waiting for the future to arrive and being forced to react.  NOTE: CEEL 2018 Participants will be invited to the 2017 graduation event on the evening of February 8th.

April Session (Raleigh) – Theme: The Boundary Hunters Part 1 In this session participants will discuss the ultimate challenge confronting organizations today – although we have the technological capability to do almost anything, how do we develop the corresponding ability to choose wisely which things should be done.

June Session (Columbia) – Theme: The Boundary Hunters Part 2 This program focuses on the participant’s ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment and solve problems in a dynamic, fast-moving workplace. Honoring commitments and building trust with one another promotes a competitively healthy and successful environment, especially during change and transition.

August Session (Asheville) – Theme: The Strength of Management, the Influence of Leadership The focus of this session is personal and corporate values and how to incorporate into the tough decisions we hope we never have to make. We will also re-administer the Leadership Pattern Assessment on behavior prior to this session and discuss how different management styles can benefit or disrupt an organization.

October Session (Charleston) – Theme: Navigating Risks and Rewards in a Fluctuating Industry During this session participants become familiar with methods of strengthening the alignment of vision, mission and goals…and how everything fits in the bigger picture of a stronger industry. Participants will explore various perceptions of the environment compared with expectations, and identify and discuss closing potential gaps to improve the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

November Session (Greenville) – Theme: Theme: Beyond the Boundaries – Celebrations & Presentations In order to improve the probability of success, we must set in motion the elements from this year’s process and always look beyond the boundaries of what IS to see what can BE. Followed by group presentation to key executives.

To enroll in the 2019 Executive Energy Leaders program please complete this Leadership Enrollment Package and submit it to  to guarantee your place in the 2019 class.

Once accepted in the 2019 CEEL program, you will be instructed on how to join the CEEL Network which is the means by which you will receive all CEEL program meeting notices and information.