Energy entrepreneurs, capital providers, technologists, researchers and professionals supporting energy innovation and capital may join the Carolinas Energy Innovation and Capital (I&CNET). Members through this Network create more value and success for themselves and their organization by increasing their and their team’s knowledge, skill and relationships.

Requirements – Professionals with an interest in innovation and capital related to energy business creation and project development .

Cost – Registration and payment to attend at least one I&CNET quarterly conferences during a 12 month period. Employees of E4 Carolinas member companies pay $29/person/meeting. Others pay $59/person/meeting. Prices may vary dependent on conference venue and content. Meeting attendance is not required to maintain ongoing Network membership, but meeting registration and payment once during a 12 month period is.

Network Website – Through the Members-only website, search the Member Directory by name, company, company type, industry sector or location to find Network Members with whom you can collaborate, receive peer advice or seek referrals. Access agendas, speakers and content from past network meetings. Place events on the Network Calendar and check it to find information on networking events. On the Resources page post the studies, reports, articles, data and websites you find most valuable and see those posted by other Network Members.

Network Meetings – Network members meet in quarterly daylong conferences focused on business and project creation opportunities within a specific energy sector. At each conference members are briefed on policy, regulatory, legal and research trends framing energy business and project development opportunities. Case studies examine success stories and identify emerging commercial opportunities. Ample time is allowed during conferences for interaction with other attendees to identify potential business and project collaborators. Events are listed in the Network Calendar and E4 Carolinas main Events page

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Network Sponsors

The following organizations make possible the Carolinas Energy Innovation and Capital Network’s operation and your participation at a modest cost.

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