Create more value and success through collaboration with some of the more than 150 Carolina nuclear energy companies and organizations. Professionals with an interest in nuclear energy may join the Carolinas Nuclear Cluster (CNC).

The Carolina Nuclear Cluster fosters collaboration among members through seminars, networking, research, economic development and opportunity sharing to help the Carolina nuclear energy industry realize its full value. The CNC collaborates with other nuclear energy organizations and recently with the Nuclear Energy Institute completed a survey of Carolina nuclear energy companies and organizations to learn their development interests. The Leadership Energy Carolinas program develops rising nuclear energy leaders. When the program meets in Columbia, Raleigh, Charlotte and Aiken, CNC members are invited to a Thursday afternoon seminar. The CNC promotes its members to foriegn trade interests and at various conferences and seminars which E4 Carolinas produces or promotes.

A members-only website is maintained through which members may find collaborators, receive peer advice or seek referrals, access agendas, speakers and content from past CNC meetings, learn of upcoming CNC meetings, post valuable studies, reports, articles, data and websites and review those posted by other CNC members.

Join the CNC or contact the Carolina Nuclear Cluster Chair or E4 Carolinas Staff to join the CNC and create opportunities with other CNC members.


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