Professionals with an interest in human resource management may join the Carolinas Energy HR Professionals Forum (CEHR4M). Members through this Network create more value and success for themselves and their organization by increasing their and their team’s knowledge, skill and relationships.

Requirements – Professionals with an interest in human resource management.

Cost – Registration and payment to attend at least two CEHR4M quarterly meetings during a 12 month period. Employees of E4 Carolinas member companies pay $29/person/meeting registration. Others pay $59/person/meeting registration. Prices may vary dependent on conference venue and content. Meeting attendance is not required to maintain ongoing Network membership, but registration and payment twice during a 12 month period is.

Network Website – Through the Members-only website, search the Member Directory by name, company, company type, industry sector or location to find Network Members with whom you can collaborate, receive peer advice or seek referrals. Access agendas, speakers and content from past network meetings. Use the Carolinas Energy Education Directory to find opportunities for educating your organization’s team and recruiting new team members. Place events on the Network Calendar and check it to find information on networking events. On the Resources page post the studies, reports, articles, data and websites you find most valuable and see those posted by other Network Members.

Network Meetings – The Network’s members the third Tuesday of the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth calendar months. Dates may vary with advance notice. Meetings start at Noon with registration and a networking lunch and are followed by presentations on key human resource management issues. Following a networking break, members engage breakout sessions and group discussion to further explore issues and develop “take home” value for their company or organization. The meeting concludes with a social/networking hour. All Members are also invited to Energy, Inc. in May, E4 Carolinas’ Annual Meeting and dinner in the fall and many other events throughout the year. Events are listed in the Network Calendar and E4 Carolinas main Events page

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