Graduates of the Emerging LeadersNuclear Energy Leaders and Carolina Energy Executive Leaders programs may Join the Carolina Energy Leadership Alumni Network (CLEAN). Through this Network participants create more value and success for themselves and their organization by increasing their and their team’s knowledge, skill and relationships.

Requirements – A Network member must be a graduate of either E4 Carolinas’ Emerging Leaders, Nuclear Energy Leaders or Carolina Energy Executive Leaders programs.

Network Website – Through the Members-only website, search the Member Directory by name, company, company type, industry sector or location to find alumni with whom you can collaborate, receive peer advice or seek referrals.

Network Meetings – Members are invited to as many as 10 gatherings throughout the Carolinas when the Emerging Leaders or Nuclear Energy Leaders programs meet throughout the year. Members may meet with other alumni in their area on an ad hoc basis and all Members are invited to the E4 Carolinas annual Leadership Graduation event in February and E4 Carolinas’ Annual Meeting and dinner in the fall. Events are listed on E4 Carolinas Events page.

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