Program Manager

David Doctor


Cell:       (704) 661-8131

Program Calendar

  • Charlotte: February 12 – 14
  • Raleigh: April 10 – 11
  • Columbia: June 19 -20
  • Asheville: August 28- 29
  • Charleston: October 9 – 10
  • Greenville: November 6 – 7

Program Design

Experiential Learning – E4 Carolinas organized and ~40% of program

Leadership Development – LeadAdvantage/E4 Carolinas organized and ~ 25% of program

Personal Network Development – Lunches, Dinners and Social and ~20% of program

Team Project – Development of an energy industry strategic solution and ~15% of program

Program Information

All program information is provided via your Network page: Carolina Executive Energy Leaders

Program Communication

Prior to each session your Program Manager will send you an email to remind you of the upcoming session and the session content.

Also, after you have completed your LeadAdvantage profile and established your leadership development objectives, an email will be sent to you and the manager sponsoring your CEEL participation to advise that you have been asked to schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your objectives. In this email the availability of LeadAdvantage to support you and your manager during this process will be explained and LeadAdvantage’s contact information will be provided.

Travel, Meals and Lodging

  • Participants are responsible for travel and parking
  • One evening meal is provided – usually Wednesday
  • Lunch is provided Wednesday and Thursday
  • Most recommended hotels have free breakfast
  • You are responsible for your hotel room reservation and rate


  • E4 Carolinas staff is not EMT certified – call 911 in the event of any medical emergency
  • Have your E4 Carolinas’ Program Manager contact information with you during all program travel
    • Make an Outlook Card for your Program Manager
  • Your E4 Carolinas’ Program Manager has all participants’ emergency contact information
  • Text is your E4 Carolinas Program Manager’s preferred mode of communication

Tour Protocol and Safety

You will visit a number of facilities during 2018. Most will be office settings. However, if the office is in an industrial setting or you will be touring a facility, assume the points below as the required protocol when on any tour. The site manager may in advance or at the time of the tour inform you of addition protocol.

  • Flat, hard soled, closed-toe shoes, which may include running/hiking shoes
  • No 2 inch+ high heels, stilettos, sandals, or open shoes
  • Wear long pants
  • No loose jewelry/clothing
  • Safety glasses and hardhats may be required at some locations – if you own these, keep them in your car, as some location may not have enough
  • Bring valid government-issued photo ID
  • Some nuclear-secured locations may require your SS#, Driver’s license, D.L. name and country of citizenship


  • Your Program Manager will send you an Outlook invitation for each program segment in advance of each session. Please accept the Outlook invitation for any segment you will attend. This will be your means of conveying to your Program Manager that you will attend a Session’s segment.
    • If you have confirmed your attendance and are not present, your Program Manager will contact you and, if you don’t respond, will contact your emergency contact.
    • If you have not confirmed your attendance and attend a session segment, E4 Carolinas may not have pre-arranged materials, a meal, etc. for you for that segment.
  • Is self-recorded each day by your Program Manager
    • Please be prompt – we start on time
    • Remember, you are part of other participants’ experience!
  • Absence
    • May be made up only in the following year at the same session
    • It is the participant’s responsibility to arrange for make-up with their Program Manager
  • Withdrawal – E4 Carolinas offers no refund and no substitution in the event a participant withdraws from the program.

Continuing Education Credit

The agendas for each session and any media provided by speakers from a session will be uploaded to your Network site and may be used by you to claim continuing education credit from various certification organizations.

Carolina Leadership Energy Alumni Network: CLEAN

When you graduate from this program you will become a member of the Carolina Leadership Energy Alumni Network. Further details of this Network are available via THIS LINK.