TUE 8:00 A

Electric Power Research Institute

·        Nuclear Leadership Discussion by EPRI Chief Nuclear Officer

·        Advanced Manufacturing and Nuclear Design

·        Delivering the Nuclear Promise

·        Tours of Three Nuclear Research Labs

TUE 12:00 P Lunch
TUE 12:30 P

Leadership Development Experience

·        Leadership Thinking (1 hr. Lecture/Team Exercises)

·        Emotional Intelligence (1 hr. Lecture/Team Exercise)

·        Thinking with What You Don’t Know (1 hr. Lecture/Team Exercise)

·        Followership (1 hr. Lecture/Exercise

TUE 6:00 P Networking Dinner with Duke Energy Chief Nuclear Officer
WED 8:00 A

At Duke Energy Headquarters Building

·        Framatome – Next Generation Plant Design

·        Duke Energy – Overview of Power Transmission

·        Duke Energy – Overview of Power Distribution

WED 12:45 P Lunch @ Marshall Steam Plant
WED 1:30 P Fossil Generating Plant Tour and Lecture
WED 4:00 P Session Concludes