E4 Carolinas Task Forces is where the programs, projects and events most likely to make E4 Carolinas members more valuable and successful are conceived and created. E4 Carolinas Members Co-chair all Task Forces and any E4 Carolinas member may be self-nominated to participate in a Task Force or a Task Force’s Working Group. Task Forces oversee E4 Carolinas five focus areas; Workforce Development, Economic Development, Innovation & Capital, Communications & Networking, and Policy.

Explore our website to find the opportunities within our Task Forces and their Working Groups which will make you and your organization more valuable and successful. Become an E4 Carolinas member. Become engaged. Become more valuable and successful.


Task Force Collaboration and Value Creation Opportunities
Workforce Development Assesses member workforce development needs, promotes student interest in and curriculum for energy industry jobs, facilitates skilled trades training and workplace learning, develops state of the art professionals through the Carolinas Energy HR Professionals Forum and oversees the operation of two leadership development programs; Emerging Leaders and Leadership Energy Carolinas.
Economic Development Maintains the Carolinas Energy Trade Network, supports local and state energy-related economic development and business attraction, Identifies customer and supplier opportunities for members and maintains a directory of companies and organizations in the Carolinas Energy Economy.
Innovation & Capital Maintains the Carolinas Energy Innovation and Capital Network, which promotes energy business commercialization and energy project development, and highlights Carolinas energy innovation success stories through the Emerging Energy Technology Series.
Communications & Networking Promotes member speaker participation in dozens of Carolinas energy conferences, oversees the Carolinas Energy Leadership Awards, publishes the E4 Carolinas Energy News Weekly, maintains the Carolinas Energy Communicators Network and organizes the E4 Carolinas website which includes a member directory and Carolinas energy events calendar.
Policy Monitors federal and state energy policy, organizes or facilitates forums and workshops to better inform Members, policy makers or regulators, serves on federal, state or local committees to enhance energy industry knowledge, collaborates in policy studies and publish white papers and maintains the North Carolina Electric Utility of the Future working group.