Create more value for yourself and your organization through E4 Carolinas communication and networking opportunities. Attend a Communicators Network seminar, subscribe to the Energy News Weekly, find future customers, suppliers and collaborators in E4 Carolinas’ member directory and attend some of our many  Events.

The Carolinas Energy Communicators Network helps energy communication and marketing professionals improve their and their team’s skill and value. Attend one of the Network’s quarterly seminars and visit the Network site to find other members in the Network directory and review content from past seminars.

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Contact E4 Carolinas staff for opportunities to promote your organization at conferences and seminars. Read a recap of the past Annual Meeting and check our events calendar for the date of the upcoming Annual Meeting.

E4 Carolinas publishes the Carolinas Energy News Weekly, a compilation of E4 Carolinas and Carolinas energy news. Sign up for free subscriptions for you and your team. Contact E4 Carolinas staff to publish your organization’s news, events and profile.

Have your organization recognized in the E4 Carolinas’ website member directory and check the website’s Events Calendar for education, promotion or networking opportunities.

Benefit from E4 Carolinas staff referring media to your organization and be invited to place articles about your company in various energy publications.


 lmorgan kwalton
Lisa Lee Morgan
Task Force Co-chair
CEO, Calor Energy
Katie Walton
Task Force Co-chair
Communications Mgr., Siemens

Contact one of our Task Force Co-chair to join the Communications Task Force and create communications and networking opportunities with other E4 Carolinas members. The Task Force meets the third Tuesday of the February, May, August and November.