Create more value for yourself and your organization through E4 Carolinas energy trade and economic development opportunities. The Task Force oversees a regional energy innovation initiative, hosts foreign and domestic trade delegations, stages or supports conferences focusing on energy trade and organizes economic development trips, such as the Houston Energy Excursion.

Southeast Energy Innovation Collaborative

More than 50 of the Carolinas’ business, government and research leaders are engaged in an initiative for the Southeast to be recognized as the nation’s energy innovation leader. The 2017-18 Energy Innovation Study was followed by an October 25th “Issues Summit” in Raleigh and a January 31st “Solutions Summit” in Charlotte will produce a plan whereby the Southeast will be recognized.

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Carolinas Energy Trade

The Carolinas has become recognized globally as a “one-stop shopping” destination for their energy needs. Companies, energy ministries and trade offices from the Pacific Rim, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas have recently come to the Carolinas to seek assistance with the energy development needs. E4 Carolinas members learn of import, export and foreign direct investment opportunities available to their organizations and the government support available to support their trade plans.

Carolinas Nuclear Cluster

The Carolinas is the world’s nuclear energy capital; home to nearly 200 nuclear companies and supply chain members. E4 Carolinas helps members become informed of policy, technology and commercial developments, improving their and their team’s skill and value. Access the Network Member site to connect with other Network members through the contact directory, use the Carolinas Nuclear Energy Resource Directory developed in collaboration with the Nuclear Energy Institute and explore content from past seminars and conferences.

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Dave Dalton

Co-chair and CEO,
GMI Manufacturing

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch   
Co-chair and Development Director, Clemson University

Scott Carlton

Co-chair and CEO, Tokai Carbon USA

Contact one of our Task Force Co-chair to join the Economic Development Task Force and create energy trade and economic development opportunities with other E4 Carolinas members. The Task Force meets quarterly on the first Monday of February, May, August and November.