FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC, Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In 2017, E4 Carolinas, the North Carolina Office of Science, Technology and Innovation (OSTI), part of the North Carolina Department of Commerce, and other energy organizations will join together to create the Southeast’s Energy Innovation Collaborative. The Carolinas and adjoining areas in the Southeast are regarded as home to the largest energy economy in the eastern United States and this work will give global visibility to the area’s energy innovation. Collaborative activities include conducting the research, convening the stakeholders, and mapping the pathway necessary for increased energy employment and new companies. Dr. John Hardin, Executive Director of OSTI, observed “our Office has been instrumental in several industry-promotion initiatives focused on big data, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The collaboration with E4 Carolinas will follow a similar path to promote energy.” David Doctor, E4 Carolinas Chief Executive Officer, explains, “E4 Carolinas maintains an inventory of more than a thousand energy companies and organizations with a Carolina energy interest. This data base will be expanded, validated and then used to identify organizations engaged in energy research, innovation, new product and service development, new venture creation and energy innovation support”. Dr. John Hardin, Executive Director of OSTI, further explained, “These organizations will then work together to make the region’s energy innovation assets more visible and accessible, and will determine how best to promote those assets and accelerate innovation associated with them”.

Doctor and Hardin are engaged in discussions with officials in South Carolina and adjoining states with significant energy assets to join the pathway mapping process and create the collaborative. Both indicate that a number of Carolina universities and institutes have expressed interest. Doctor and Hardin are also seeking funding to leverage their organizations’ effort. Doctor observed, “Innovation is recognized as a leading economic driver and governments and foundations appear willing to invest in areas of significant energy asset concentration to elevate these ecosystems to global prominence. We believe the Southeast has that potential with the Carolinas sitting at its center.”

E4 Carolinas ( is the trade association for Carolina energy companies and organizations, providing a platform whereby members become more valuable and successful through collaboration in the areas of Workforce Development, Economic Development, Innovation & Capital, Communications & Networking and Policy.

The Office of Science, Technology & Innovation supports communities and businesses by expanding North Carolina’s technology infrastructure , enhancing public and private innovation, and fostering a dynamic and diverse entrepreneurial economy. The Office also staffs the N.C. Board of Science, Technology & Innovation. This Board advises and makes recommendations to the Governor, the Secretary of Commerce, and the General Assembly on the role of science, technology & innovation in the economic growth and development of North Carolina.

Inquiries may be directed to David A. Doctor, E4 Carolinas’ President & CEO, at and 704-661-8131 or Dr. John Hardin, Executive Director, North Carolina Office of Science, Technology and Innovation, at and 919-715-0516.

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