Blockchain Technology is rapidly gaining attention due to its ability to automate processes and manage a shared, immutable, and auditable record of transactions. It has game-changing applications for industries which have complex, multi-party transactions and require the processing and coordination of an enormous amount of data. Working groups meet in Charlotte and the Research Triangle to understanding the basics, follow trends and explore commercial applications.

The Charlotte Blockchain Working Group meets the second Monday of the odd months at the offices of K&L Gates, suite 4700, 214 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28202. This Working Group has about 100 members. Contact Rob Norris for further information.

The Research Triangle Blockchain Working Group meets the second Tuesday of the even months at the office of Ward & Smith, 5430 Wade Park Boulevard, Wade II, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27607. This Working Group has about 70 members. Contact Bob Meeks or Dewey Weaver for further information.

Co-chair determine each working group’s meeting content and speakersĀ and E4 Carolinas supports the Working Groups with meeting logistics and administration.