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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub

The Business of Clean Power: The Intelligent Grid

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8:30 Conference Introduction – Larry Ostema, Co-chair, E4 Carolinas Innovation and Capital Task Force and Of Counsel, Nelson Mullins

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8:35 Sponsor Introduction – Klaus Becker, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany to North Carolina

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8:40 Sponsor Welcome – Detlev Ruenger, Consul General, Federal Republic of Germany

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8:45 Current Carbon Policy, Regulation and Legal Developments –  N. Jack Smith, Partner, Environmental and Energy Law, Nelson and Mullins

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9:30 Keynote: “The Business of Clean Power” – Kevin Yates, President, Siemens Energy Management Division, US

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10:30 Intelligent Grid Research and Emerging Technology Moderator – Brian Bednar, President, Birdseye Renewable Energy

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“Integrated Technology and Distributed Intelligence” – Dr. Madhav Manjrekar, Associate Professor, UNC Charlotte Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC)

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“Grid Intelligence for Integrating Maximum Clean Power” – Dr. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Duke Energy Distinguished Professor, Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Clemson University

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“Battery Storage” – Dr. Sukumar Kamalsadan, Director, Power, Energy and Intelligent Systems Laboratory UNC Charlotte EPIC

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11:45 Intelligent Grid Commercialization Opportunities Moderator – David Doctor, President & CEO, E4 Carolinas

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“Smart Utility-scale Solar”, Shiba Bhowmik, Chief Executive Officer, SineWatts

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“Smart Tranformer Technology”, Alex Huang, Progress Energy Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University
I-CNET 20160413-8 “Situational Intelligence for Analyzing, Monitoring, Predicting and Controlling Electric Power Systems”, Dr. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Duke Energy Distinguished Professor, Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Clemson University

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12:45 Greg Cox, Senior Vice President, Power & Utilities, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch introducing keynote

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Keynote: “Where to Place Your Bets: Investing and Risks” – Chris Wedding, Chief Executive Officer, IronOak Energy

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1:15  Intelligent Grid Success Stories Moderator –  Jenn Bosser, Executive Director, Research Triangle CleanTech Cluster

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“Duke Energy Grid Strategies and Investments” – Justin Brown, Manager of Grid Solutions Planning and Regulatory Support, Duke Energy

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“GE’ Modern Grid Solutions” – Byron Flynn, Technical Solutions Director, GE Energy Management

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“Micro-grids” John Camilleri, Chief Technology Officer, Green Energy Corporation

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Renewable Energy Monitoring Center – Iris Sandidge, Manager, Duke Energy Renewables

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2:30 Intelligent Grid Early Stage Technologies Moderator – Bob Irvin, Executive Director, CLT Joules

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“Reforming the Energy Vision” Tom Gordon, Senior Vice President of Operations, Power Analytics

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Chad Eckhardt, President & Chief Executive Officer, GridBridge

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“Automated Electrical Efficiency” – Chris Doerfler, Cofounder, 3DFS Software Defined Power

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“The Intelligent Grid” – Will Duckett, Director of Business Development, PlotWatt

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3:15 Keynote Introduction – Mark McIntire, Director, Environmental Policy & Affairs, Duke Energy

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“The Emerging Technology of the Intelligent Grid” – Gary Rackliffe, Vice President Smart Grids North America, ABB