No Media Larry Ostema Welcome, Announcements and Program Overview – Larry Ostema, Co-chair, E4 Carolinas Innovation and Capital Task Force and Partner, Nelson Mullins
PPT Image 1 Jim Martin Safety Overview – Jim Martin, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Alevo USA
PPT Image 2 Jeff Gates Keynote Address: Prospects for Energy StorageJeff Gates, President, Alevo USA
PPT Image 3 Alan Greenshields Battery SafetyAlan Greenshields, Chief Technology Officer, Alevo USA
PPT Image 4 Tom O'Leary How to Value Energy Storage BenefitsTom O’Leary, Executive Vice President Sales, Alevo Analytics

Panel: Opportunities and Challenges for Energy Storage in the Carolinas

Moderator – Diane Cherry, Strategic Director, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

Alevo Battery Manufacturing Tour

PPT Image 5 Bobby Simpson Duke Energy’s Power Forward North Carolina Plan: Bobby Simpson, Director, Grid Improvement Plan Integration, Duke Energy

Panel: The Micro-grid Value Proposition

No Media Ron DeFelice Moderator: Ron DiFelice, Managing Partner, Energy Intelligence Partners
PPT Image 6 Jonathan Landy Jonathan Landy, Business Development Manager, Duke Energy
Duke Energy Micro-grid 1 Duke Energy Micro-grid 2 Duke Energy Micro-grid Virtual Tour
PPT Image 7 Brad Luyster Brad Luyster, Director, Business Development, S&C Electric
PPT Image 8 No Photo Available Jessica Fosson, Regional Sales Director, Siemens Energy
PPT Image 9 No Photo Available Norm Lindner, Business Development Manager, Parker Hannifin
 Summary of Attendee Discussion Click on the title to the left to view the summary of team reports of the break-out session topic: establishing a storage and micro-grid cluster/collaboration to commercialize Carolina energy company storage technologies globally.