Create more value and success with energy policy knowledge and collaboration. It organized the North Carolina Electric Utility of the Future Working Group which in 2016 published the Shared Perspectives white paper describing a broad stakeholders’ vision of of how North Carolina electric utilities would evolve. The Task Force produces the annual Federal/State Energy Policy Summit and periodic seminars to inform E4 Carolinas members of emerging federal and state policy issues.

The Task Force annually organizes the Washington DC Fly-in where E4 Carolinas members and staff visit each Congressional or Senate office having an energy policy interest. Task Force members on request inform federal and state policy makers and regulators on energy issues. The Task Force has previously collaborated with members to produce the North Carolina Clean Power Plan Stakeholders meeting, the Export-Import Bank Stakeholders Meeting and served on various state study groups.

jmerrifield gbaldwin
Jeff Merrifield
Federal Co-chair, Partner
Pillsbury Law
George Baldwin
North Carolina Co-chair Principal
Baldwin Consulting Group
Weston Adams
South Carolina Co-chair Partner
Nelson Mullins

Contact one of our Task Force Co-chair to join the Policy Task Force to create opportunities with other E4 Carolinas members. The Task Force meets virtually as needed.