Emerging Leaders

Developing the Carolinas' Energy Leaders

E4 Carolinas’ Emerging Leaders Program is recognized by Carolina energy companies and organizations as a premier energy leadership credential. E4 Carolinas guides participants in mastering personal energy industry leadership skills. Graduates become members of the 350+ Carolina Leadership Energy Alumni Network, and remain connected with alumni throughout their careers.

Requirements: Applicants are recognized by their company or organization as an emerging leader. They have an energy industry passion with a strong desire to grow their knowledge, master their personal leadership skill and develop their Carolina energy network. Class size may be limited to 30 participants.

Cost: Employees of E4 Carolinas member companies pay $3,900 per person per year. Others pay $4,900 per person per year. Meeting travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of the participant.

The Emerging Leader will:

  • Build knowledge of power and natural gas research, innovation, technology, production, transmission, distribution and regulation.
  • Complete a leadership pattern assessment early in the year and with this learn about their leadership archetype, how to manage it and how to produce valuable results from their business interactions, developing robust leadership and communication skill.
  • Establish an extensive network of Energy Professionals through which they may create value for themselves and their organization.


  • Six multi-day events (Tuesday – Wednesday). Please block both days on your calendar and be prepared to start at 8:00 am on Day 1.
  • Programs occur in Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, Asheville or Wilmington (alternate every other year), Charleston and Greenville
  • Leadership learning at each event.
  • A personal leadership development experience at each event. Plus experiential learning through plant tours and briefings from companies such as Siemens, Duke Energy, the Electric Power Research Institute, Clemson Fluor and more. Presentations by industry leaders feature topics on natural gas, nuclear, coal, hydro, solar wind bio-mass and more.

Program Alumni Say

The E4 Carolinas program was transformational, providing a leadership development experience, rather than leadership training. It focused on people and behavior, plus provided learning across the industry.

My company leadership learning was complimented by the E4 Carolinas’ program which held me accountable for my leadership development objectives and provided me unique energy industry insight.

I grew tremendously with this unique program. Future participants should expect a chance for serious development, and expanded knowledge and networks at a crucial time in the Energy.

Enrollment for the 2020 Emerging Leaders program is closed. Please contact kellyperkins@e4carolinas.org regarding 2021 program enrollment.